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Welcome to Penn Asian Review – the premier outlet for sharing and discussing important and current political, cultural, and economic issues in the Pan-Asian region. If you are like us, you have probably noticed that Asia is gaining attention as one of the fastest developing regions in the world. As Asia comes to the fore, we have realized the need for an outlet for the people who are going to be most affected by this change in global mindset – young adults like Penn students. Some of you may find yourselves working in Asia one day, or with a company based there; others may already be from the region and may be planning to return one day. One thing’s for sure, as Asia continues to grow in significance, it becomes more and more crucial for us to be aware of issues in the region which is certain to affect our lives. So don’t miss your chance now to share your thoughts on these issues that will affect YOU.

With Much Love, Peace, and Elbow Grease,
The Penn Asian Review Board