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Some upcoming CEAS events that should be interesting:

Monday, March 15, 4:30PM, DRL A5, Sacralizing Time-Space: Korea (ns) in the 1940 Celebrations of Japan's Wartime Empire

Wednesday, March 24, 4:30PM, Exemplary Everymen: Confucian Commoners in Early Medieval China

Wednesday, March 31, 5:30PM, Annenberg School , Room 110 ( 3620 Walnut Street ) , From the Sky to the Garden: Gender, Space and Fantasy in the Films of Hayao Miyazaki

Thursday, April 1, 4:30PM, Women and Empire in Modern Japanese Literature

Thursday, April 15, 4:30PM, Japan as ‘Samurai Nation'
'Samurai, as a legally defined social group, were officially abolished as part of the reforms of the new Meiji government in the 1870s, yet they have continued to serve as an important archetype of Japan to the present day. This lecture will analyze the process by which the samurai have become a metaphor or trope for modern Japan , and the ideals and values by which they were said to live, known as bushid├┤ , an important explanation for Japan 's dramatic modernization and social transformations. It will further explore the varied uses to which to image of the samurai have been employed, by both Japanese and foreigners, in defining Japanese cultural identity.'