PAR Member in the News!

Quoted from the DP:
College sophomore Minh Joo Yi received word of the artillery exchange before her family in Seoul, South Korea.

“I was really shocked when I saw the news,” Yi said. “I called my mom at 3 a.m.”

Yi said she knew her family was safe, as they do not live near the site of the artillery fire. Even so, she called because she “just wanted to make sure.”

The incident made Yi “insecure,” partly because she has friends in the South Korean military. National law requires male citizens to serve a year of military service.

“After this, I’m starting to rethink whether peaceful reunification is possible,” Yi said.

Yi explained that the current South Korean stance of condemning the North’s actions is different from the “Sunshine Policy” used in the past, which aims to use persuasion, rather than motivate by force. “I don’t think we should do nothing,” Yi said. “On the other hand, I’m worried because whatever we do can anger them more.”